My name is Imogen-Ivy Grace Murray and I grew up on Pittwater, New South Wales. I am twenty one years of age and love to produce creative content. I have always had a mix of creativity, with my mother being an eccentric, large scale artist, and father who is a professional sailor and designer. The water is a huge part of me and my upbringing, and a true constant in my life.

I am the third out of three. My two older sisters, Eliza and Lucy, are dynamic in their own right, excelling in fashion and writing. I'm also lucky enough to call them my best mates.

Eliza 24, Lucy 21, Imogen 19. Photo by Jascha Sandles

Eliza 24, Lucy 21, Imogen 19. Photo by Jascha Sandles

When I was sixteen, I had just come back from a year of travelling and working with my family. I started back at my single-sex, private school and struggled to fit in as I had no interest in boys and box gaps. I wanted a career and I wanted it to start right then and there. I felt trapped with the idea of being at school for another two years and raising my hand to go the bathroom.

I wanted to run away, and that I did. I went backpacking by myself, around the UK. Disregarding what my parents and school thought was best. That experience was by far the best thing I've ever done for myself.

I returned back to school and graduated in 2015. As part of my art major work, I explored the idea of exaggerated female forms. Having previously attended life drawing classes and having grown up in a very nudist-friendly household, I felt it would only be fitting to paint bare figures. I decided to execute my work on a large scale, ironically mimicking my concept 'MORE TO LOVE'.

I was a big, big girl growing up…  I still am. When standing next to my two thin sisters, my parents would always make an effort to embrace my rolls, teaching me to flaunt what I had and if in doubt, dress as Tracy Turnblad. I thank them for this.

At the beginning of Year 12 I was boy-crazy and for the first time, I wanted to feel but more importantly look fit. I lost masses of weight in a short period and quickly realised that I will be loved at any size or shape.

Soon after I started experimenting my message 'More to Love' through various art forms. For me, this is the ultimate play-time.  

I have a love for videography. Over the past three years I've been creating conceptual installations, documentaries, short films and skits- about ideas that intrigue me or even just something that’s worth a cack.

(and if you're even still here reading this)

This page is solely a place for me to store my old and new upcoming works. Ciao.